In every accounting period after all the transactions have taken place i.e. between 1st April to 31st March, analysis of all transactions is done the method of accounting followed to maintain those books of accounts by an enterprise is observed. An opinion on such books of accounts maintained is to Report by an auditor of the enterprise. In addition, the board is entitled to report the shareholders of such company regarding the company’s proceedings. The report should be preserved along with the books of accounts and shall also be submitted to the registrar within 30 days of such reports presentation in the annual general meeting. Such report should be in clear language and ambiguity of the report shall be maintained to the knowledge of a normal human brain. Report basically consists of one’s opinion on work performed by the enterprise throughout the working period, it provides a basis for investors to analyses the working of the company for the money they have invested in.

As per accounting standards the contracts for cost of construction, it must be evaluated as per cost of completion method or percentage basis method. The work completed by the construction company has to authenticate by works officer who shall provide the certificate of completion expressing the percentage of work performed and the revenue may be recognized by the construction company for the project work accordingly. It expresses the Status Report of the work performed.  However, as per accounting standards it is shown that only if the certifier certifies the value of work done being at least 25% then only the revenue relating to the project may be recognized. This certificate acts as the basis for the recognition of the project work performed and also helps in ascertaining the further cost involved in completion of project. According to which the profit involved in project is recognized in books of account of the construction company. Download Status Report Template.

A financial report or statement is a record of financial activities within the company. The transactions get recorded in a timely and an organized fashion. It is created to understand the financial activities in a better manner. Some of the other statements are also considered as a part of financial report including balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement. It is not possible to run a smooth operation within the organization without a financial report. It has significant value in any organization. The company calculates total profits and losses using these financial reports. The finance professionals such as chartered accountants are hired to keep the records all the financial dealings and activities. A qualified professional points out any unnatural activity within the company and saves it from the financial disasters. A financial report is created by using the company’s regulations and laws. Here is Financial Report Template.

A progress report is an assessment that takes place about the project, employee or an event as to what progress has been observed. It is created by writing on a formal document using various pre-defined parameters. It is also mentioned if the goals or sub-goals have been achieved, pending or not achieved. Besides that, the problems encountered are also acknowledged and explained. In case of a project, the progress report is submitted with the client to make him understand various stages it has gone through. The project costing also makes an important mark in the progress report. The progress report explains if the project is going to be completed on time and within the defined budget. These reports are valuable in terms of goals, profits and execution of work. The performance of an employee is also measured if he is capable of taking up challenging tasks or not. Here is Progress Report Template.

An expense report is a document containing the information regarding all the expenses and expenditure to be paid to another person or a group. For example, rent is an expense to a tenant. Tuition fee is an expense to parents and students. In financial terms, cash outflow plays a vital role as the company keeps track of cash going out as expenditure. By looking at this report, it is easier for company to reduce the expenses and keep cash under control. The accounting experts even suggest the company officials as to how they can cut down expenses and increase the savings. For companies, expenses may include salaries to employees, buying equipment, interests to be paid towards loans, bonds and other related cash flow activities. If the business owner travels from one place to another for business purpose, it will also come under expenses.

An incident report is a legal document, which explains any incident took place that has resulted in the loss or damage to person or property in anyway. In healthcare terms, it is a form that the person has to fill out in case he has met with an accident and seeks the medical help. The purpose of this report is to give all the details related to the occurrence at the time and place where the incident took place so that necessary actions can be taken well on time. In addition, any organization, incident report is the report pertaining to the details of incident occurred within the organization. For example, if an employee has fought with another and has inadvertently done some harm to the other person, incident reports would be generated. In case, the employee has stolen some items from the organization or misused the property related to office, he will be given an incident report and he has to give an explanation in writing.

Expense report is generally very crucial to a company, particularly when it turns up to the process of reimbursing all the workers of that specific company. It is basically important as it is a report that describes all the information and details about several things like expenses that a specific worker has crafted for the purpose of the company. Many companies, if not generally continue certain buys for the execution of the company and the most of the expenses that are crafted by a specific company are generally compensated in advance. There are various other times that the expenses made by the company are not paid in advance, but such kind of cases is very rare. Many companies commonly make arrangements for all the items and the things that they desire to buy that makes it simpler on the part of the company and on the part of the purchaser as well. Full Expense Report Template.

Been a victim of a crime or a bas happening, do not worry you may indemnify your loss by reporting the crime to police. The police acts as a safeguarding wall in every country they protect the public of the nation from all sought of criminal activities. In order to resolve your bad happening mystery or the case one needs to file the case with the court of law by first reporting it in the police as Police Report by describing the whole event in description and detail of every minute happening the clear the report the more are the chances of solving the mystery. After filing the case, it is reviewed by the police authorities and then passed to the court to look after the proceedings of the case. The report must be filed as soon as the happening of the event without any delay so as to avoid the chances of excuse by the criminal. Free Police Report Template is here.

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