6 Press Release Templates

Sample Press Release Template is available here. A Press Release also referred as a news release is a written statement aimed at affiliates of the news media concerning anything stated as having news value. This gives confidence to the reporters to note down a news article on the topic giving you a lot more experience for free.

Press releases can publicize a variety of business news such as: launch of new products or new services, awards or accomplishments, organized events, executive promotions, sales or any other financial data and many more. A press release can be in different format like written, audio or even video format. It depends on the medium used by news providers. It is regarded as the major source of news announcement throughout the world. Nowadays it is considered as the highly used tool for public relations. Press release can be of many types and it follows a standard format in written form.

Here are press release templates

Press Release Sample

press release template 22

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Blank Press Release

press release template 11

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Company Press Release

press release template 33

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Press Release Writing Guide

press release template 44

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Press Release Writing Guide And Template

press release template 55

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