Every company is required to hold a general meeting once a year and board meeting once every quarter making it four times a year any default in conducting the meeting shall be considered as a serious default on the part of the company. Every company is required to submit a notice of meeting to the members of the company at least 21 days before the meeting is to be held. The members unable to attend the meeting must submit the proxies appointed to the company in an application at least 7 days before the meeting is held. After the conclusion of meeting, the minutes of the meeting are requisite to be submitted to the registrar with the sign of the chairman of a meeting within 30 days of the meeting. Though it is not compulsory required to provide the Meeting Agenda in the notice of the meeting but as a good secretarial practice it is always advised to do so. Download Meeting Agenda Template.

A Meeting Agenda Format is basically a format that is made before the meeting. It consists of all of the important points that are required to be discussed during the meeting. Such format can really help the company’s management to discuss all the burning issues and finally come to a conclusion for solving of all these issues. After the completion of the meeting, the MOM also called as Minutes of Meetings are shared with all the participants so that it can act as a summary and the participants can follow all those points that have been discussed. It is very easy to create such format, as all you need is a little help from the internet. Many websites can help you in getting a formal. You can also create a simple format on a piece of paper by writing all those important points that are required to be discussed during the meeting. Nevertheless, it is always good to follow a pre-defined format because it helps in the easy documentation of the important points.

Meeting Minutes are the recorded or written documentation, which is utilized to tell non-attendees and attendees of the occurrences throughout the meeting. These minutes are normally acquired or recorded throughout a meeting or a conference so that the attendees have a maintained record of what is taken place during the conference. They essentially incorporate, the names of the attendees, decisions conducted by the participants, the agenda items covered in the meeting, due dates for the accomplishment of commitments, the follow up actions entrusted to by participants, any other discussions or events worth writing or documenting for prospect history or review. Exemplary minutes concentrate on decisions made throughout the conference and promises made by the contributors. The promises are escorted by due dates and other detail required for mutual realization by participants in the meeting. It is important to have a look at these minutes prior to a meeting. Get Meeting Minutes Template.

Here are meeting agenda templates

Meeting Agenda Sample

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Meeting Agenda Example

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Staff Meeting Agenda

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Meeting Agenda Maker

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Meeting Agenda Sample Template

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Sample Meeting Agenda

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