A Guest List is generally made for an event or an occasion where a large number of guests are expected. Such lists are normally made before hosting that event and it helps in planning the event in a better manner. If you are ready with the guest list, then you can easily plan the budget for hosting the event such as catering and decoration budget and other expenses. Moreover, such lists also help the organizer to keep a check on the number of guests so that no unwanted or uninvited guest visits the event venue. There are many events or places that only allow those guests to enter who have their names available in that dedicated list. For example, high profile parties or discotheques follow such dedicated lists. Many clubs all over the world allow guests to enjoy at a reduced entry fee. It can really help them to promote their club and other services. Download Guest list template from here.

A Shopping List is a sort of list that is made before going on a shopping. It consists of a list of items such as grocery items, clothes and many other important things. Though it can be easily made on a piece of paper, but with the advancement in the technology, there are many apps also that can be downloaded for this purpose. The best part about these apps is that there are few apps, which also automatically calculate the present rate of items that are present inside the list. All you need to do is to add the item name and quantity. Many people prepare a shopping list on their computers and then take a printout and go for shopping. As per the recent studies done it has been found out that 40 percent of the shopping lists are formed for buying grocery items and 60 percent are made for buying other items. Here is Shopping List Template.

A Checklist is a list that consists of all the important pre-checks that are required to be made before the start of any activity or process. There are many companies that prepare checklists so that they can properly check each and every parameter before the manufacturing process. The best part is that a checklist can be easily formed on a piece of paper and it can be instantly made before the start of any work. For example, before going on to a vacation you can prepare a checklist that consists of all the important things that are required to be packed and pending works that should be done so that you can enjoy your vacation in a nice and easy manner. A checklist can also be prepared before taking any sort of interview so that all the required questions can be asked without any delay or distraction. Get Checklist Template here.

When you employ Molly Maid, then you are employing an expert. One of the scores of Molly Maid expert cleaning service is that you can clean your house with a plan in your mind. A strategy or plan that acquires on cleaning in an organized and systematic way. You like to clean and like to train. Here is the House Cleaning List to provide you an idea that how to clean your house efficiently: before you begin, you firstly take up clutter and then guess your goings. The less you have your goings, the less you will have to pick away, dust and clean scrutinize books, newspapers, magazines, old shoes and clothes, toys of children have outgrown and much more. Speaking about the closets, minimize and manage them. Ensure that your compartment is not full and utilize the appropriate attachments and settings. For mopping, begin at the farthest corner of the area or room. Then, clean and fresh your furniture. In this way you will clean your kitchen, bedrooms, washrooms and much more. Download House Cleaning List from here.

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Daily Task List Template

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Employee Contact List

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Wedding Guest List Sample

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Cleaning List Sample

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Checklist Example Printable

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