An Award Certificate for distinguishing awards and achievements is a simple part of the paper. In fact, there is essentially a title and the name of the recipient available on this type of certificate. But there are some other components that need to be placed on this certificate, such as, text elements, including title, presentation line, recipient, from, description, date and signature, graphic elements, including border, logo, steal and lines, and many others. These components are applied initially to the certificates of an employee, achievement, teacher or student recognition awards, and participation certificates. There are different sizes, patterns, styles, designs and colors available on the internet so that anyone can choose any type of certificate of awards or recognition. You can hire a professional and skilled designer to design this type of certificate. There are lots of designers exist in the industry, choose wisely and cautiously. Download Certificate of Attendance Template.

A stock certificate is also known as a Share Certificate. It is an authorized document that certifies possession of a particular number of shares of stock in a company or corporation. In big companies, purchasing shares do not forever lead to this type of certificate (in a situation of a small quantity of shares bought by a private person or a company, for an instance). Sometimes, shareholder with this certificate can provide a proxy to another individual to permit them in voting the shares in question. Identically, a shareholder without this certificate may frequent offer a proxy to neither individual in permitting them in polling the shares in question. This is due to the fact that voting rights are described by the corporate law and the charter of a company or a corporation. These certificates are divided into 2 types: bearer stock certificate and registered stock certificate. And here is share certificate template.

As per accounting standards the contracts for cost of construction, it must be evaluated as per cost of completion method or percentage basis method. The work completed by the construction company has to authenticate by works officer who shall provide the Certificate Of Completion expressing the percentage of work performed and the revenue may be recognized by the construction company for the project work accordingly. However, as per accounting standards, it is observed that only if the certifier certifies the value of work done being at least 25%, then only the revenue relating to the project may be recognized. This certificate acts as the basis for the recognition of the project work performed and also helps in ascertaining the further cost involved in completion of the project. According to which the profit involved in the project is recognized in the books of account of the construction company. Get Certificate of Completion Template.

As a child is born in the family his first appearance is cherished by baby showers then his existence is celebrated every year by celebrating his birthday but you know that a child is born in your house, may be your neighbors and your kith and kin are aware of the new born kid in your house. How about the legal identity to make the child recognize in the eyes of law it is practiced to get your childbirth with the registrar of population consensus. They shall issue your child the Birth Certificate, which shall act as a valid proof of the person throughout his existence in his life. This certificate acts as a proof of all kinds of admission and applicability in any kind of institution or even for filing any bad happening report of the person. It helps one recognize the separate identity of the person in the eyes of law. Sample Birth Certificate Template is available .

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FIT Graduation Certificate Sample

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Certificate Of Achievement

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Gift Certificate Example

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Certificate Of Completion

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Marriage Certificate

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