6 Plan Templates

As you undertake to do a task, there comes handy a risk of positive and negative effect. Every plan has a possibility of either flourishing into prosperity or either leading into losses of the investment. Likewise, a Risk Management Plan is a documentation prepared by the project manager showing the risk associated with the plan […]

6 Food Journal Templates

Food Journal template is here for you. Diet is one of the most important things that many people will often fail to realize. Any person who is having no problem in body like sugar or blood pressure will never involve in any type of activity to calculate the amount of calories or energy that person is […]

17 Gift Voucher Templates

Free Gift Voucher template can be downloaded here. The terms Gift Voucher¸ gift card and gift certificate is used to mean the same thing and usually represents means of transfer in diverse forms such as gifts, salary or incentives. It is given by an individual to their friends or family or by a company to […]

15 Party Invitations

Inviting people to an event or a party has to done in a formal manner. Invitations are mostly used to invite guests to any occasion and it should consist of relevant details regarding the occasion. Party Invitation is given to friends and family members to take part in it and have a great time. Party […]

5 Salary Certificate Templates

Here is free Salary Certificate template for download. To prove that the person is working in a particular organization Salary Certificate is being issued. This salary certificate is a confidential document that is being generated by the Payroll department with the approval of the HR Department. This salary certificate will have all the essential details […]

8 Menu Templates

Free Menu Template sample is available here. When it comes to menu the first thought striking in minds of almost all the people is menu card present in restaurants and other eateries. Though basic concept of menu remains the same it takes different version according to place where it is used. Basically menu represents the […]

Confidentiality Agreement Template

Free Confidentiality Agreement template can be downloaded here. The confidentiality agreement is also called as the non disclosure agreement. This is a legal document. This document is used when any confidential information is being prohibited by one of the parties from being disclosed. When this document is produced there is an agreement signed by the […]

13 Attendance Tracking Templates

Have a fleeting look on this attendance tracking template, you will definitely like it when tracking attendance of your employees or students. Tracking time and attendance is a basic function of any company to make sure attendance of employees at workplace so they can perform their duties efficiently to get assigned tasks and jobs done […]

6 Bill Of Sale Templates

Get a Bill Of Sale template free from here. When a product is in transit from one place to another, it has to pass through a number of barriers. Very often, it is possible to find a number of intermediate check posts and many other things in between. At those times, there must be some legal […]

7 Rental Agreement Templates

Rental Agreement Sample can help you in making your own rental agreement. A rental agreement is a contract signed between the landlord and tenant with acceptance to abide by the terms and condition included in the document. This agreement is important for taking a property or part of property on rent. The contract is done to […]