5 Invoice Templates

A bill, tab or an Invoice is a type of commercial document given to a purchaser by a seller, associating with a sale transaction and notifying the quantities, items and concurred rates for services or products the seller has offered to the buyer. The terms and conditions of the payment are essentially declared on this […]

6 Personal Development Plan Templates

Personal Development Plan Template is here. A Personal Development Plan is nothing but a prearranged procedure prepared by a person to reproduce upon their own accomplishment, knowledge, presentation as well as to arrange for their individual, edifying and job development. A personal development plan is also a tool through which individuals can organize actions of […]

5 Certificate Templates

An Award Certificate for distinguishing awards and achievements is a simple part of the paper. In fact, there is essentially a title and the name of the recipient available on this type of certificate. But there are some other components that need to be placed on this certificate, such as, text elements, including title, presentation […]

7 Quotation Templates

Sample quotation template is there for your reference. When two business people meet and wish to take their trading dealings to the next level, they want to undertake selling and buying of each other products in bulk quantity and in good quality that too at the same time with the best prices. To give a […]

7 Payslip Templates

Payslip Template is available here. A Payslip is typically a slip of paper or a small document, which includes the record of an employee’s salary or wage. It also includes the information regarding insurance paid, tax details, contribution of pension and many other related charges. It is usually offered to the employees by the employers […]

7 Sales Report Templates

Download this sales report template free of cost from here. Submission of the Sales Report is very crucial in the organization as this will help the company to have a clear and proper idea about the sales that has been made during a particular period. There should not be any corrections or errors in the sales […]

6 Quiz Templates

Here you can find a good Quiz Template for free. Quiz – this is a brain storming session which everyone should attend. The result or outcome of the quiz does not really matter. In actual terms, mere participation in the quiz programs is regarded very high. These quiz sessions are organized in school and college levels […]

7 Sale Flyer Templates

Get this sale flyer template from here. In the sole aim of improving the sales turnover Sale Flyer will be circulated amongst the general public keeping in mind the ultimate thought of boosting the sales. This sale flyer has been considered as one of the biggest hit and well known strategy for increasing the sales […]

6 More List Templates

To organize a task it is necessary to coordinate it properly in accordance with the plan drafted to execute the task. The major functions of management are planning organizing directing supervising cooperating reviewing and coordinating. The work must be organized accurately among staff by giving them guidelines for performance of the task. The major strategy […]

6 To Do List Templates

Free To Do List template is here. It is quite natural for human beings to forget many things easily. Planning for daily assignment or scheduling is most important for business and it ensures trouble free running of business. A To Do List can be used as a remainder to keep check with all imperative things […]