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Invitation Template

Free sample Invitation template can be downloaded here. An Invitation is simply a form of letter, which is used to invite someone to make their presence for an occasion. Invitation letter is send either to individuals or to a group of members to be a part in any sort of celebration or an inevitable function. […]

6 Fax Cover Sheet Templates

Fax Cover Sheet  Template can be downloaded here. Fax is an important mode of communication for any sort of business that makes use of either online faxing services or traditional faxing methods. A fax cover sheet acts as an envelope for the message send via fax. It contains To and From address and it also includes […]

Salary Slip Template

Exclusive collection of Salary Slip template for you. A Salary Slip plays a phenomenal role while working with an employer. It not only stops with the current employer, but it is also most important in case of looking for joining a new job. If a candidate looks for a new job or jump from one […]

5 Income statement Templates

Income statement Template can be downloaded from here. The Income Statement of a person comprises of the income of the person. The overall that is the gross total income of the person, per month basis is provided in the income statement. There are also the deductions and the net total income found in the income […]

5 Interoffice Memo Templates

Free sample Interoffice Memo template is available here. Memo is a small note of things that need to be done in time. It is possible to find this memo usually given to an employee to ask that employee to perform the task within time. Within a large organization or office, it is not that much easy […]

5 Weekly Schedule Templates

Weekly Schedule Template can be downloaded here. In the beginning of every week it is most common for employees to look for their Weekly Schedule. Beginning a day by looking into the weekly schedule helps to complete the work quickly and it also saves time which will be otherwise wasted in spending on looking for […]

Timetable Template

Here is Timetable Template. A Timetable plays vital role in student’s life and most of the schools make use of different pattern of timetable. But they are not only used in schools or academic centers. Generally the timetable displays the date, session and duration of any events. In case of schools and education institutions, timetable refers […]

6 Sample Survey Templates

Here is a free Survey Template template for your help and reference. Companies largely depend on the Sample Survey, to ascertain the credibility and reach of the newly introduced product, this type of sample survey are undertaken. General public are used to answer a list of questions based on the products which are launched in the […]

Gift box Template

Here we are adding Gift Box Template. We all gift several times in our day to day life. When we gift a person it should be wrapped in a gift box. There is variety of gift box available in the market. The gift box comes in different styles and patterns. The covers are largely used […]

Manual Templates

A Training Manual is a sort of manual that contains instructions for performing some task or running a machine. Many times a training manual is provided when you buy some sort of machine or equipment from the market. For example, you must have seen a training manual being provided with a washing machine or a […]